Modern Workplace

Modern Workplace

The Modern Workplace is a term used to describe businesses that recognize digital collaboration, technology, and tools as the way of the future. Workplaces that embrace digital technology and tools with the aim of improving employee productivity and satisfaction. The Microsoft Modern Workplace is one that operates using the suite of Microsoft 365 technologies and productivity applications that harness the power of the Cloud.

                                                                        THE MICROSOFT MODERN WORKPLACE

Microsoft office 365

Microsoft Office 365

Office Applications Exchange Email

Microsoft 365 Business Voice

Microsoft Bussiness Voice


Enterprise Mobility+Security

Enterprise Mobility+ Security

Device Management


Microsoft Teams Power Automate Power BI

Share Point

Document Management


Data Storage

Microsoft Modern Workplace applications improve employee productivity and satisfaction and create more seamless communication across the business whilst promoting collaboration and maintaining the security and integrity of systems and data. A Modern Workplace drives company-wide business transformation by utilizing the latest Microsoft technology to power and streamline business operations and empower employees to do their best work around the clock. 

What’s included within the Microsoft Modern Workplace?

Microsoft 365, includes Office 365, Windows 10 Enterprise, and Enterprise Mobility + Security and a variety of productivity and collaboration tools designed to support modern ways of working, help facilitate digital transformation, and most importantly keep your business secure. 

                                                                                     Convincing benefits

                         Microsoft Office 365 stands for working efficiently, intuitive technology, and high service availability. The benefits speak for themselves.
Optimized cost management

Increased productivity

Data storage in a high-availability cloud, the interplay of all applications, and artificial intelligence make you and your team even faster

Better collaboration

Better collaboration

Thanks to the combination of office products with Skype for Business, Teams, SharePoint, and Business Intelligence Tools, Office 365 is the optimal solution package for productive collaboration.

Better collaboration

Security & compliance

Integrated data protection and compliance tools protect your company against external threats and security vulnerabilities.

Straightforward setup & administration

Straightforward setup & administration

Microsoft Office 365 simplifies your IT management through the quick addition and administration of users and services according to your needs.

Shorter response times

Shorter response times

Thanks to collaboration in real time, you can respond more quickly to market influences, customer needs, and the requirements of specialist departments.

Optimized cost management

Optimized cost management

The investment costs for Office 365 are manageable. The scalability of the number of users and the application combination possibilities pay off as well.

Substantial Benefits


Blend of office products with Skype for Business, Teams, SharePoint, and Business Intelligence Tools, Microsoft 365 is an ideal result package for productive collaboration.

Microsoft teams:

Enable the internal and external teams to collaborate to solve a problem the magic happens. Microsoft Teams is constantly evolving and adding new features to improve accessibility and user experience. This boosts productivity, can raise morale, and enables people within different teams to come together. The more flexible it is for employees to collaborate the more collaboration will occur. It also allows work teams to perform efficiently. 


Enable employees to quickly work together on documents no matter their location or time of day. Windows 10 Virtual Desktop takes this even further by allowing users to access their desktops from any device.


Within Microsoft 365 is Microsoft Power Automate (formerly Flow) which enables to implementation of both Digital and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) across the business. By automating tasks we can quickly boost productivity, giving employees more time to focus on innovation than administrative tasks. We can also automate time-consuming tasks using the built-in AI capabilities and integrate with over 100 applications such as Microsoft Dynamics 365, Twitter, MailChimp, Google Analytics, etc.

Optimized cost management:

The investment costs for Microsoft 365 are manageable. The scalability of the number of users and the application combination possibilities pay off as well.

Optimizing Cost Management (1)

Unified Endpoint Management:

Help customers embrace Microsoft 365 to enhance their workforce productivity while maintaining security.

Microsoft Intune:

Cross-platform endpoint management

Built-in endpoint security

Mobile application management

Endpoint analytics

Specialty and shared devices for frontline workers


Provide solutions to help customers safeguard critical data, guard against threats, and manage access with full control. Rapidly stop attacks, scale security resources, and evolve defenses across operating systems and network devices.

 Microsoft Defender for Endpoint

Eliminate the blind spots in your environment

Discover vulnerabilities and misconfigurations in real time

Quickly go from alert to remediation at scale with automation

Block sophisticated threats and malware

Detect and respond to advanced attacks with deep threat monitoring and analysis

Eliminate risks and reduce your attack surface

Secure your mobile devices

Simplify endpoint security management

How secure is the Microsoft Modern Workplace?

Microsoft Applications are highly secure . Within Microsoft 365, the security stack gives us the insights to proactively defend against advanced threats, such as malware, phishing, and zero-day attacks as well as the identity, app, data, and device protection with Azure Active Directory, Microsoft Intune, and Windows Information Protection.

What are the reasons to adopt a Modern Workplace?

Here are some common reasons why businesses choose to adopt the Microsoft Modern Workplace over a traditional setup:

Disparate communication channels – employees communicate through a variety of different channels which enables messages to get lost in translation, there is limited visibility, and a lack of control.

Stand-alone platforms – business management platforms are implemented that have very limited integration and automation with each other. This makes the risk of error high and increases workload.

Data/Team Silos – Teams work in silos with limited visibility to other parts of the business. Data is stored in numerous locations and access is restricted due to the setup.

Hardware – Desktop PCs are commonly used, but not all employees have access to laptops or tablets which disables remote working.

Technology – The technology you have implemented has scalable limitations and does not completely meet the needs of your employees.

Security – There is limited or no device or cyber security management in place putting your business at risk in the event of a breach.

Giving you more

  • Complete service: With us, you get an all-round worry-free package for your Office 365 project
  • Experience: We have successfully migrated numerous companies to the cloud already
  • Always correct and optimal licensing: Thanks to our own software asset management team
  • Microsoft full stack provider: Benefit from our extensive Microsoft know-how
  • Agile to reach the goal: Our agile project management ensures the success of your project
  • Harmonious integration: We create interfaces for ERP, CRM, and more
  • Excellent user acceptance: With change management and training by professionals

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