More features for your business: fast, easy, and without compromises
Increase the agility in your business, modernize your internal processes, and overcome the challenge of digitalization. Create your own, user-defined apps for day-to-day business requirements with Microsoft Power Apps. Available on any mobile device or in classical browsers, PowerApps facilitates your working life.

With Microsoft Power Apps, you can create applications quickly and easily with innovative development interfaces and pre-fabricated templates. And all that without complex code. You can integrate Microsoft Power Apps into almost any of your systems, automating manual processes that used to require extensive data management. You save time and minimize your error rate. Benefit from a high level of flexibility and from numerous integration possibilities.

We offer you Power Apps to overcome your challenges. In connection with your current systems and the Microsoft 365 range of products, Power Apps help you to simplify your employees’ working life and to speed up your business processes.

Power Apps at a glance

Your processes are based on an interaction of various systems and data sources; but who keeps track of things? Are your work processes done manually, are they time-consuming and error-prone? Do you lack the time to concentrate on more important processes? Microsoft Power Apps offer numerous features and possibilities for optimizing your business solution. Say goodbye to needless manual data entry, to time-consuming logs, long release loops, and inflexible data access.

  • Integration into Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365
    Power Apps can be fully integrated into Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Dynamics 365, e. g. as Outlook add-in, as entry masks for Microsoft SharePoint and Teams, or embedded in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales.
  • Cloud and on-premises
    Data connections to more than 275 cloud services, databases, interfaces, and on-premises services can be used in the app with one click. Additional connections to your own services are also possible.
  • Device-independent use
    Develop powerful apps for browsers, tablets, and smartphones with Microsoft Power Apps.
  • Design your individual apps
    The Power application is created in an intuitive online editor. The application’s design can be defined using a variety of controls. You can test the application at any time during the development using the integrated preview.
  • Template usage
    Power Apps can be designed freely. Microsoft also supplies some templates that can serve as inspiration or can be used as fully functional, standalone apps.
  • Reusable elements
    The elements created can be imported into other Power Apps and can be reused in the application.
  • No programming skills required
    Ready-made building blocks like the evaluation of invoices or text recognition can be included in the Power App through the AI Builder. A developer can of course still expand the app.

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