Dynamics 365 Field Service

Dynamics 365 Field Service

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service is a Field Service Management Solution that covers customer assets, service locations, and preventative maintenance. It can also manage work orders, resource management and work order management. It supports scheduling, dispatch, mobility, collaboration, customer billing, analytics, and customer billing.


Informative work orders

To coordinate resources and activities, the work order describes the nature of the work required. This includes the status, estimated completion date, priority level, customer details, and customer information. An incident type can be assigned a work order, such as an install or repair job. This category allows technicians to access knowledge articles and other resources.

Intuitive resource management

The Schedule Board and the corresponding map allow dispatchers to plan their resources efficiently. The Schedule Board shows all current jobs and their status. It also displays field service agents' schedules. Drag a pin on the map to assign jobs, and drop it onto a resource's schedule. If employees are unavailable, assigning them to other resources is simple.

Automated Scheduling

Automated scheduling is possible. Also, urgent tasks can be assigned to the most qualified resource. The system will generate an order for a job if the IoT sensors at the customer site trigger an alarm. This is then assigned to the employee with the necessary qualifications. Dynamics 365 Field Service includes many automated capabilities that optimize resource scheduling.

Asset tracking

Field service jobs often involve repairing or installing assets at customer locations. Dynamics 365 Field Service lets you record the history of an asset, including when it was repaired or installed. You can also see where the item is located, including its location, room number and address. Track inventory in warehouses and cars to ensure stock is ordered quickly and delivered to service vehicles when necessary.

Simple Invoicing

Every detail of each work order is meticulously documented. Managers have access to the details of every work order. They can see what products were used and how long it took. Managers also have access to information regarding travel costs and expenses. After a job is completed and the customer is satisfied, they can modify it to create an invoice.

Mobile App

The Dynamics 365 Field Service Mobile App assists technicians before, during and after their job. To help prepare, they can collect information about the customer and their task. Technicians can use checklists or 3D models to document their work. After completion, customers can sign digitally and generate job reports. The app allows you to note if you are selected for a job. The mobile app can be accessed online or offline.

“Could have,” “Would’ve,” “Should have”– Field service failures are rarely due to insufficient planning. It can be overwhelming for many companies to coordinate dates, routes, and other resources. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service is a great tool to help you plan to impress your customers on-site.

Simple Processes

Process optimization means less paperwork, easier coordination, and better communication between technicians and customers. You can save time and money with mobile apps and connected field services.

Productive Services

Technicians will spend more time on the job and be more efficient if they have detailed customer information.

Satisfied Customers

Reliable service providers are essential. Customers depend on them. Better planning and fewer site visits can greatly improve customer satisfaction.

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