dynamics 365 for human resources

Dynamics 365 for Human Resources:

What are Dynamics 365 Human Resources, and what do they mean?
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources falls under the Dynamics 365 umbrella. Dynamics 365 Human Resources is an ERP software that allows you to manage and streamline H.R. processes.

What are the best uses of Human Resources?
Dynamics 365 Human Resources can help you optimize your H.R. programs, increase flexibility, and gain insight into the performance of your employees.

Dynamics 365 Human Resources can help you with:

What can MicroPartner do for you?

Dynamics 365 Human Resources is the best solution for your business. It should reflect how you do business. You may need to add features or integrations to suit your specific needs.

Human Resources Features

Transform your employees’ experiences. You can use Dynamics 365 Human Resources to create solid connections between employees through employee profiles. Profiles include career opportunities, qualifications, certifications, interests, and other relevant information. Self-service is possible

Your employees can update their profiles, request holidays, and follow up on performance. Data insight can help leaders become more effective.

By giving your leaders access to data about team performance, you can help them improve the team’s efforts and solve any issues. Of course, managers must also access all relevant employee information, such as salaries, positions, holidays, illness, and objectives for each employee.

Offer training and certification opportunities to your employees.
You can also help your employees get certified and trained with Dynamics 365 Human Resources. In addition, your employees can learn faster with LinkedIn Learning (the link is to the LinkedIn Learning site) and Dynamics365 Guides.

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