Eazy IT Remote Support

When a System User experience the technical issue, they need IT Support engineer onsite but this is not the case now.
Glycozen Infotech professional can make the support process smooth and comfortable via Eazy IT Remote support solution. We deliver technical excellence to support our clients with a robust and efficient technological ecosystem.

In 2020 & 2021, several organizations throughout the world were compelled to convert their staff to a work-from-home position, with many employees having no prior experience with the process and encountering difficulties. When a company ran into a technical issue, they use to call their IT support employee or company on-site but this is not the case now. Glycozen InfoTech professional would be able to address the issues and can make the process smooth and comfortable via remote support by the team of specialists.

How it works:

Using Eazy IT Remote support customer can raise a ticket by phone, email or chat and obtain an answer to their problem. When submitting a support ticket you’ll be ready to see the resource is allocated to your ticket on priority set by you. This is often no matter from where you submit a ticket from, the response and determination process is standardized that doesn’t matter you performing from head office, branch offices, home or the other location all be getting a uniform level of support.

You will be provided an approx. resolution time for your ticket, if that’s crossed you’ve got the privilege to escalate.

Based on the priority and complexity of the matter, it’s going to be escalated to a senior or specialized engineer of the remote support team.

Glycozen InfoTech’s Eazy Remote IT Support Benefits

Reduces reaction time

Reduces reaction time, our engineers will contact you as soon as possible via our secure remote connect software, supported the priority you've got set. Unlike an in-house support team, businesses don’t got to hire and train IT resource for his or her business Glycozen InfoTech will look-out of it. Economize on On-Site Visits In-person IT help approach for the customer, were forbidden. But by remote support using remote solutions is one among the simplest strategies to scale back the value of your IT service and to avoid In-person approach, also Remote connection takeovers for quick resolution in situ of onsite visits

Maintenance of the system is critical

Remote assistance via key software is feasible. Wide selection of options for outreach including phone, email, portal, and live chat. Dedicate secure software allows to scan your network, connected devices to your network, websites, firewall configuration and possible weak points where hackers may attempt to leverage to access data and compromise systems.

In-House Comfort Zone

For example: If you're in restaurants and fine dining and came to understand some technical issues which are impacting your business. Glycozen InfoTech will provide a pleasing ambiance for his or her customers via Remote support that permits technicians to figure within the background without disturbing the purchasers currently in your business. This may not only save some time and money also keep you continue your comfort level.

Services we offer but not limited to

  • Desktop/Server issue
  • Office 365 products
  • G Suite(Google) Support
  • Microsoft Application Support
  • Network access issue
  • Software issue
  • PC Slowness issue
  • Hardware issue
  • Printer Support (Network & Standalone)
  • Email back-up
  • Data back-up
  • Wifi Router
  • System/Server Maintanance
  • Migration of email system
  • Firewall Support
  • Anitvirus Solution
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