Whether your organization has a permanent job opening or any project-based requirements, hiring the right candidate at the right time and cost can deliver exceptional results and keep you ahead of the competition. 

We guide firms in optimizing their talent acquisition by providing a host of solutions such as contractual and general staffing, IT recruitment, management of services, executive search, upskilling and skill development. These services can be used for long-term or short-term needs. 

We make use of innovative technological solutions and human intelligence to carefully screen candidates who are a perfect fit for each role. We believe in not just recruiting individuals or filling open positions but selecting those candidates who will prove to be an asset to any organization. 


If you are looking to hire permanent or contractual staffing for meeting your surging project demands, avail of our services to get guaranteed and the best results! 

At Glycozen, we have a strong repository of talent to suit job roles and company requirements of various kinds. These individuals have the necessary educational qualifications, relevant professional experience, and core skill competencies required for different jobs irrespective of the domain. 

We follow a carefully planned and systematic process to fulfill our client’s requirements. We begin by thoroughly understanding and assessing the client’s needs, screening exact match candidates for the job, and ensuring that the selected candidates are a perfect fit and exhibit the right capabilities for a job. 

Our effective way of functioning allows clients to remain focused on other important objectives, such as growing their business rather than worrying about the recruitment procedure. We take care of all the intermediate processes as well including interviews, discussions, and assessments. 


Temporary employment is a better solution for companies who have staff shortages, time-specific, project-based requirements, and need to meet seasonal or temporary surging demands. Temporary hiring allows firms to avoid incurring the cost of regular hiring and is also extremely beneficial when there are cases of extended leaves. 

The contractual employees work similarly to the regular employees by actively participating in meetings, discussions, and projects till their period of contract. It also allows companies to monitor and analyze the performance of candidates who can be potential future hires.  

We help companies meet all their temporary employment needs by providing the right candidates from our database who have relevant experience in the industry. The temporary employment process is highly productive and versatile. 


Many times organizations need a quality check to transform their business and realize their true potential. In the absence of feedback or comprehensive monitoring, firms will continue following approaches that do not guarantee proven results. 

We are committed to helping organizations improve their productivity and market value. Our team of experts equipped with top-quality skills are aware of “industry best practices” and help organizations implement the same into their work environments. 

We provide personalized assistance to firms who seek advice on enhancing their existing business models and operations. We analyze your present functionalities and help you implement innovative solutions for long-term results. We are here to assist you in bringing necessary changes and accelerating the growth of your business. 

                                                                                         EXPERTS FROM THE VARIOUS AREAS

Our experts are in the following area:-

  • IT Support desk professionals

Dedicated IT Support desk professionals (Remote and On-site) to respond to your technical queries and resolve all equipment, hardware, and software-related issues. 

  • System /Network Administrators

To maintain and monitor all essential components of your devices such as the OS, servers, workstations, networks and install necessary upgrades promptly. 

  • Cloud Engineers 

To manage cloud-based solutions and environments while adhering to an organization’s security guidelines. 

  • DevOps engineers

To collectively work with other IT personals for supervising the safety of code deployment and creation of software solutions or tools. 

  • Web developers

Responsible for designing, developing, and maintaining your company’s official website to make it user-friendly and accessible. 

  • Java Developers

Responsible for making necessary improvements and overseeing the proper functionality of applications developed in Java.

  •  IT Process consultants

For actively working with the company administration by understanding the requirements and providing necessary advice on the installation and design of IT systems. 

  • Service Managers 

To proactively manage and oversee the company’s interactions with clients and associates and ensure customer satisfaction.

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